K”.Bt - Wood toys


„Rab” -cross I.

„Rab” -cross II.

Jenga I. & II.

Magic cube







„Soma” -cube

„Hoffman” -cube


V – building blocks



Why wood toys?


This supply is a group of the traditional wood toys. Playing with them will develop children’s

-         Sense of aesthetics

-         Sense of balance and of proportions

-         Concentration, observation

-         Sense of combination

-         Endurance

-         Logical thinking

-         Fantasy

-         Sense of design

-         Patience

-         Interest to natural materials

Be patience!

 If you cannot solve the problem right away, do not throw the toy in the corner! Your child will give you a solution in a short time.

The material:

Alder tree. In the high water level parts of the Carpathian volley it is a typical and ancient tree. The light, comparably soft, nice ormented wood is dried during a long time and then prepared with craftsmen methods.

Thanks to the precocious work, there is a 0.05 - 0.1 mm size and a perfect weight similarity of the pieces of the toys. The warm touch of the wood makes sit attractive to play with. About half of the pieces of a toy have the natural color, covered only with a thin layer of lack. If wished all toys can be produced & purchased only in natural color.


Target groups:

From small children till teenagers, - or even adults- all will find satisfaction when playing in groups or alone with our products.



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