”K”. Bt - Wood toys


Magic cube


On the 16 small cubeall 6 sides there are different geometrical shapes with different color painted. Countless variations of shapes and forms can be put together either as a wall or a sheet or a 3D construction.

-         Magic cubediagonal: on all sides of the cubes the diagonal is painted with different color.

-         Magic cubecurve/arc: Curves are marked with different color between the corners of the sides of the cubes.

-         Magic cubemixed:  Six different forms can be found on the 6 sides of the cubes.

When playing, the rhythmic repetition or change of colors or shapes gives pleasure & entertainment. Make simple shapes to be interesting and enjoyable. As a sheet or as a 3D construction both give many variations of the beautiful art-constructions.









Price: Diagonal: 3600Ft

       Curve:  3600Ft

       Mixed: 4200Ft