”K”. Bt - Wood toys


Jenga I. & II.


Jenga I: 30 pieces

Jenga II: 51 pieces

One recommended use: build as tall solid pillar as you can by placing 3 pieces of billets in a sheet & then the next sheet with 3 other billets on the first one turned diagonal. When all pieces are used, then pull out carefully from one-one rows the middle  - or the sidebillet & extend your pillar as tall as possible. You can play alone or in groups, compete in time, in size or in variations.

However, this is only one option to play with Jenga. Any kind of construction can be built from these billets. Build a zoo for your animal toys or a garage for your racecaror what ever. Just let your imagination fly!





Price: Jenga I: 2600Ft

Jenga II: 3200Ft